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4 Things to Know About NYC Radiators

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Radiators in NYC are very common and can be found in almost any older residential or commercial property. As such, the average New Yorker quickly adjusts to the intricacies of living with steam-based heating. If you are new to the area or just visiting, here is how to get control over NYC radiators during the cold months.

Heat Control

You will see a circular knob on your apartment radiator, but this does not control temperature. It’s actually an on-off switch:

  • Turn it to the right to turn off heat
  • Turn it to the left to turn on heat

If the knob is not turned all the way left or all the way right, you’re going to hear some obnoxious banging noises, so don’t leave the knob turned halfway. To control the heat, you need to put a valve device on the radiator.

Radiator Replacements

Replacing a large radiator with a small radiator is not uncommon in NYC, but you might have to get special approval from the board. Be sure any custom radiator covers are up to NYC code as well.

Dealing with the Heat

There are a few different ways to deal with the heat in New York City. Some people admit to turning on their air conditioners in the winter, but for those looking for a less expensive solution, cracking open a window is also an option. Humidifiers can help deal with the dry skin that so many New Yorkers deal with every cold season.

Covering the Radiator

Painting a radiator might make it look nicer, but you need something to protect pets and children from its heat. A custom radiator cover can keep anyone from touching the radiator’s hot surface. Custom radiator covers also keep the heat from escaping into the wall or up into the ceiling, and wooden radiator covers also double as unique shelves.

Brooklyn Millwork has years of experience designing and installing beautiful custom-built wooden radiator covers in NYC. Call (718) 676-0328 to have your custom-built radiator cover installed in time for the winter.