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5 Ways to Choose the Best Custom Reception Desk for Your Commercial Business

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A custom reception desk shows customers that you want to do business the right way. The trick is to purchase a reception desk that represents your corporate image while also providing a feasible workspace for your receptionist. Here are ten things to look out for when choosing a custom reception desk for your commercial business.


The overall aesthetic design is the most important aspect of any custom reception desk. Be sure to match the desk with the right carpet colors, waiting room seats, and any other furnishings.


Make sure the custom reception desk has enough drawers and cabinets to file paperwork. You want to have plenty of room for the receptionist to work without appearing messy. The goal is to give the receptionist a nice place to work for eight hours a day without feeling claustrophobic.

Cable ports can hide wires from various electronic devices, further cutting down on clutter.

Disability Access

The Disability Discrimination Act requires your reception desk to be built low for wheelchair users among other requirements.


Putting your logo on the custom reception desk can add or detract from the overall atmosphere you are trying to create. Think about the colors of the logo in relation to the color of the desk and surrounding furniture.

Room Space

Always make sure your custom reception desk can fit into the room without taking up too much or too little space.