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6 Reasons You’ll Love Cooking with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen, or are you building a home? The kitchen is the heart of many modern homes, and chances are good you will spend quite a bit of time in yours.

For that reason, the design choices you make are going to have a tremendous impact on your daily life. So, when it comes to choosing your kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider investing in custom cabinetry which are built to your specifications. Following are a few reasons why.

1. Custom cabinetry can be manufactured to your height for more ergonomic cooking.

If you have cooked on kitchen counters which were too high or too low, you know how frustrating—and sometimes painful—it can be to chop, mix, blend, and knead on such a counter. To spare your back, neck and arms, you can have custom cabinets built which are the exact height you need. You’ll be able to cook more comfortably and with less fatigue.

2. With custom cabinets, you can make the most of your kitchen’s layout.

For kitchens which are small or which have an unusual layout, it can be a challenge to maintain openness and keep the space functional. The key to maximizing space is to get a set of custom cabinets built to fit precisely into the configuration of your kitchen. The right design can provide you with all the storage and counter space you need while still giving you the floor space you need to work.

3. The quality of premium custom kitchen cabinets is superior.

When you purchase mass-produced cabinets, you often end up with poorly-manufactured cabinets which are made using inferior parts and machinery. Poor reinforcement parts and thin, flimsy panels can lead to damage sooner than later. But when you commission custom cabinets in Brooklyn, you can look forward to parts made out of thick, sturdy wood manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery. At Brooklyn Millwork, our cabinets are constructed out of durable FSC-certified wood that can handle whatever your cooking adventures throw at them.

4. Over the long run, custom cabinets can pay for themselves.

Will you be paying more for custom cabinets initially? Yes, but that is because you are paying for higher quality along with the builder’s commitment to design cabinets to your individual specifications. What you will discover over the years ahead, however, is that in the long run, it costs less to purchase high-quality custom cabinets from the outset. If you buy mass-produced cabinets which are cheap because they are low in quality, you will eventually likely find yourself spending money on repairs or replacements, especially if you will be in the home for a long period of time. But if the cabinets you install are sturdy and feature strong protective finishes, they are less likely to become warped or scratched. They will not buckle under the weight of heavy contents. Time and expenses spent on repairs will be minimal or nonexistent.

5. Build your cabinets around special features and accessories.

One way you can personalize your kitchen, save space, and enjoy greater convenience is to build special accessories directly into your cabinetry. For example, you can have a wine rack incorporated into your set of cabinets. This space-saving feature keeps bottles conveniently within reach—especially helpful if you enjoy recipes which call for wine.

6. Your kitchen will be a beautiful, personalized space for you to enjoy.

While there are many practical benefits of ordering a set of custom cabinets, there are also plenty of purely aesthetic reasons to consider custom cabinets. By having cabinets built for you, you can select any style, material, and finish you want for a precise match with the rest of your décor. Doing so gives your kitchen a seamless, organic look. Instead of the cabinets looking like they were simply an afterthought, they will appear as much a part of the essential structure of your house as the walls or the ceiling.

It Is Time to Cook in the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Whether you are building a brand-new kitchen or you want to refresh your existing one, a set of custom cabinets can help you save space, cook more ergonomically, and enjoy surroundings which are suited to your personal style.

Brooklyn Millwork handcrafts custom cabinets along with kitchen countertops and more. Whether you are just looking for a new set of cabinets or you want to give your entire kitchen a makeover, we are here to bring quality woodworking to the heart of your home. To get started now, please call us at (718) 676-0328 or email to schedule your custom cabinet consultation in NYC.