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6 Types of Materials Used for Custom Reception Desks

Commercial Millwork

Front desk counter design can be as simple or expansive as industry standards call for, and different commercial spaces require different types of material used for reception desk for office New York. These are the main types of material used for custom reception desks.

Custom Laminate Countertops

Custom laminate countertops have stain-and-scratch-resistant plastic tops glued to fiber board. This front desk counter design is popular because it is durable and is easy to maintain. A reception desk with custom laminate countertops is the cheapest custom reception desk option available and is often used in educational environments.

Custom Solid Wood Reception Desks

Custom solid wood furniture is much more luxurious in every way than its laminate and wood veneer counterparts. The most expensive and upscale custom solid wood reception desks have absolutely no wood veneer whatsoever, though wood veneer may be used to lower costs. Solid wood reception desks give off high levels of professionalism and are typically found in powerful business offices.

Custom Natural Stone Reception Desks

Custom natural stone reception desks combine luxury with durability and eye-catching appeal. Natural stone reception desks come in a variety of textures and colors to match existing décor, and they are easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis (though they do require long-term maintenance provisions from time to time).

Custom Marble Reception Desks

Custom marble reception desks have a wide spectrum of colors to choose from – white, black, rose, yellow, gray, and green are all available. Custom marble reception desks present extravagance and wealth and are usually found in the hospitality industry.

Custom Quartz Reception Desks

Custom quartz reception desks are just as durable as custom granite desks and does not chip or crack as easily. Custom reception desks made from quartz are also resistant to stains, too, and there are more color varieties than custom reception desks using marble or granite.

Custom Pressed Metal Reception Desks

Custom reception desks use pressed metals such as aluminum, copper and zinc for a clean, industrial look. Custom pressed metal reception desks are used in delis, butcher’s shops, and other businesses within the food industry. They are sometimes used in offices as well.

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