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7 Custom Wood Countertops Pros and Cons

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Custom wood countertops are back in style, but will they work in your home? Many luxury homeowners are opting for custom wood countertops in lieu of quartz, marble, solid surface, and granite countertops in NYC. Custom wooden countertops originate from the traditional butcher’s block, but now they have found their way back into the home mostly for looks as opposed to chopping.

Custom Wood Counterertops Pros

  • Texture – Custom wooden countertops are strong, yet soft enough to keep dropped dishes from breaking as often. Unlike custom stone or granite countertops, there’s no loud clang when setting a glass down. Wood countertops can even muffle the sound of appliances (whereas other materials sometimes enhance the sound).
  • Easily refinished – Scratches, gouges, and virtually anything else can be sanded away and finished to look good as new again (depending on the intricacy of the design).
  • Easy installation – Compared to stone countertops in NYC, custom wood countertops are much easier to install, especially in corners and around appliances.
  • Green materials – Wooden counters can be easily recycled when they have reached their lifespan. Make sure the wood has been sustainably grown through the Forest Stewardship Council for the lowest level of environmental impact.

Custom Wood Countertops Cons

  • Warping – Wooden countertops expand and contract according to humidity levels. Thicker countertops do not have this problem as often, but thinner countertops can warp and experience other problems if not properly maintained.
  • Maintenance – Custom wooden countertops need to be refinished usually once every five years, depending on the coating. If the countertop is not finished, it needs to be oiled monthly.
  • Liquids – Moisture can stain, crack, and separate a wooden countertop at the joints. Be sure to clean up any water around the sink as fast as possible.

Are Custom Wooden Countertops Right for Your NYC Home?

At Brooklyn Millwork, we specialize in crafting and installing masterful custom wooden countertops that last for years, and we are also proficient at marble, granite, stone, quartz, and solid-state countertops in NYC as well. Call (718) 676-0328 to find out if New York custom countertops are right for your home.