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7 Signs of Quality Cabinet Construction

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Architectural millwork in NYC defines all workplace designs. Custom millwork introduces personality and conviviality to your Brooklyn interior design, but each element of woodworking must be layered appropriately in order to create the desired effect.

Woodworking companies typically focus on three aspects of architectural millwork in NYC:

Ceiling Millwork Whether you are purchasing cabinets for the home or office, the quality of the craftsmanship is going to impact how functional your cabinets are as well as how long they maintain their pristine condition.

How do you know whether you are looking at quality construction in a cabinet?

  • 1. The manufacturing process is cutting edge.
  • When you are shopping for custom cabinets, the first thing you should look into is how they are made. High-quality cabinets are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machinery. The quality, precision, and production control of the machinery and the manufacturing process translate into excellence in the resulting products.
  • If you are purchasing pre-assembled cabinets, make sure that this assembly work is performed in-house and that the company inspects each cabinet before shipping it out.
  • 2. The cabinets are made of FSC-certified materials.
  • Your cabinets should ideally be manufactured using materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • FSC-certified wood cabinets are constructed without harming old-growth forest. The materials are sourced according to FSC standards, minimizing environmental impact so that thriving forest ecosystems can continue to provide us with renewable resources for generations to come.
  • FSC-certified materials are not your only option when shopping for cabinets or drawers, but they are the best. You could save money by going with non-certified materials, but FSC-certified materials are a better value for your cabinets and the environment.
  • Don’t just check what materials the cabinet panels are manufactured from, but also the reinforcing features. Some manufacturers cut corners here by going with non-certified materials for these parts. Here, too, you want FSC-certified materials.
  • 3. The cabinets feature smooth, regular surfaces.
  • There shouldn’t be irregularities in the surface of a well-made cabinet. It should be smooth and solid, featuring uniform structural integrity and aesthetic quality.
  • 4. The wood panels are thick and sturdy.
  • Be wary of cabinets which are manufactured out of very thin or soft wood. Such cabinets may bend and warp with time and use. Thin, flimsy drawers are particularly problematic when loaded with heavy contents.
  • Every panel used in your cabinets and drawers should be thick enough to withstand plenty of daily wear and tear.
  • 5. Panels, hinges, and other parts are not too rigid.
  • While it is important for cabinets to be sturdy, you want the parts of your cabinet to have a little built-in, deliberate give.
  • Why? Every day, the temperature and humidity level in your home or office rise and fall. These changes lead to expansions and contractions in the wood panels of your cabinets. Overly rigid design doesn’t provide room for these expansions and contractions, which produces stress on the wood, leading to gradual damage. But a floating panel design can offer a buffer for these daily changes. Couple that with adjustable hinges, and you have cabinets which are both sturdy enough and flexible enough to hold up well over the years to come.
  • 6. Reinforcing parts are large.
  • We already talked about how reinforcing features in custom cabinets might be made out of either high-quality materials or cheap alternatives.
  • Something else you want to pay attention to with respect to these parts is their size. Smaller reinforcing parts do not provide the same support as larger ones. Likewise, if they are thin and flimsy, the support they offer is minimal. You want them to be thick and sturdy enough to provide solid reinforcement.
  • 7. The finish should match the cabinets themselves in terms of quality.
  • Getting a high-quality finish on a cabinet isn’t just important for aesthetic reasons. It is also essential for practical purposes.
  • While this is true in any environment, nowhere does it matter more than in a kitchen or break room. A cheap finish will be damaged easily by grease, heat, or spills. But a high-quality finish will hold up well and provide superior protection for the wood.
  • Conclusion: Premium, Sturdy Cabinets Can Withstand the Test of Time
  • The very fact that some manufacturers cut corners with cabinet construction is exactly why you don’t want to cut corners with your research while comparing your options.
  • Premium custom cabinets may cost you more in the short-term. But their higher manufacturing standards, robust materials, and quality parts mean that over the long run, they will offer you far greater performance and value.

Matching the ceiling with custom molding and custom trimming is one of the most common ceiling details to be found in NYC any commercial woodworking space. Types of ceilings include:

  • Tray ceilings – A recessed middle portion of the ceiling creates space and leaves room for intricate lighting designs.
  • Coffered ceilings – Similar to tray ceilings, the coffered ceiling contains more architectural millwork and the sunken portion is painted a different color.
  • Dropped ceilings – The opposite of tray ceilings; a second ceiling hangs beneath the main ceiling. Also called a suspended ceiling.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are more than just mere storage spaces. In Brooklyn, custom cabinets must reflect, match and enhance the other architectural millwork and interior design elements. Custom cabinets are built to last for years with upkeep and remain stylish for just as long.

Wood Paneling

Custom wood paneling adds touchable textures to any type of NYC office remodeling, renovation or new construction. Dark and light woods can be mixed and matched to convey an appropriate and professional tone and setting. An office would look noticeably less lavish to clients and employees without custom wood paneling.

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