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A Guide to Getting Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn

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Custom kitchen cabinets in NYC have a particular finesse about them, and custom kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn, New York are especially known for having exceptionally high handcrafted quality. Kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn stand out from other custom cabinets in NYC because of a large concentration of expert Brooklyn woodworking contractors.

Here are some custom cabinet considerations for your next kitchen remodel in Brooklyn.

What to Ask Yourself (and the Brooklyn Millwork Contractor)

A properly designed Brooklyn kitchen remodeling job should have all features and designs within nine steps of each other at the most. Look at your current kitchen design and take note of which cabinets (or drawers) are filled with clutter (these can be reorganized and improved). Try to identify which kitchen cabinets get used the most and prioritize what areas are the most important so that they can be properly budgeted.

Kitchen Cabinetry Accessibility

Custom kitchen cabinets are designed to be easy to use. These customized architectural millwork solutions are popular for kitchen cabinets throughout NYC and Brooklyn:

  • Pull-out tables – Kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn luxury apartments usually have sliding tables and cutting boards that can be easily put away when not in use.
  • Cabinet height – Custom cabinets can be lowered for ovens in the wall or microwaves. The dishwasher cabinetry can be raised to a customized height for less bending.
  • Shelves – Can not only be pulled straight out, but also down or up as needed.
  • Undercabinet racks – Mostly for high-end wine storage.
  • Basket systems – Can be built into the cabinet to keep produce items fresh longer than drawers
  • Lazy Susan –A circular base that lets you easily rotate items towards the front.
  • Hidden waste compartment – A pull-out compartment can be used for waste or recycling, keeping trash out of sight from pets, children, and guests.
  • Custom kitchen cabinets with glass doors and downlit lighting can display fine glassware and stemware.

Finishing Options for Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn

Paint – Water or oil-based paints are used on custom kitchen cabinets. A water-based paint will most likely last longer and, according to many, looks better.

Staining – Water-based stains require extra training – and therefore, the best Brooklyn contractors are certified.

Sealing – Avoid sealers with polyurethane, as this can yellow the wood over time.

Distressed – A handcrafted touch-up to make the wood look antique.

Get Custom Kitchen Cabinets in NYC with Brooklyn Millwork

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