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Guide towards Buying a New Reception Desk in 2020

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An office with an ideal office design would surely have the reception as the first section of the building. The reception acts as the first window to your business, and thus it becomes very important that this area looks and feels comfortable and yet is functional. We often overlook the importance of a reception area in the office. It is the first impression of the outlook of the office, it is where we seat our guests and clients, and in that case, we have to make sure that the reception is one of a kind.

A reception desk is a prominent factor around the reception area. Thus, it should be in alignment with the custom interiors and also must have some amazing functionality. Thus, it is very necessary to consider both the look and the functionality factor while selecting a reception desk. Every factor inside the office adds up to the overall vibe. Reception desk is one amongst such important factors. Thus, we bring you a simple and implementable guide towards buying a New reception desk in 2020.


  • The choice of material will have multiple variables that will come into play. Cost, the décor of the room, material aging factor are a few of them. Here are a few materials that can be considered for a reception desk:
  • Wood Veneer: If you are looking for an affordable option and a wooden furniture vibe along with a pocket friendly budget then Wood Veneer is a perfect choice for your office. These desks look like they are made from real wood, have a plethora of color options that can fit with your reception’s décor.
  • Laminate: The laminate desks are again an alternative to the costly wooden desks. These desks are an ideal choice for a high traffic reception. Maintaining the laminate type desk is easy too, as it is not prone to scratches.
  • Glass Desk: The glass desks use tempered glasses on the top which don’t shatter even when high loads are put on them. Glass is easier to clean but also at the same time is prone to fingerprints.
  • Metal Desks: These desks are available in almost all forms of metals and colors. The desks are rugged and come in combination with a wooden or glass top. These desks can be used in heavy traffic receptions.


The first thing that has to be brought into consideration while choosing a reception desk is the size. The size of the reception desk will solely depend on the size of your waiting area. In case you have a small waiting area, then choosing a large desk will only make the area look cramped. In this case, it is recommended to select a reception desk with a smaller footprint. In case the room is big, then choosing a small reception desk will make the area look disproportionate. The only problem with small reception desks is the lower storage space issue. To avoid storage problems, it is best recommended to opt for a modular type desk as it is best if you have a limited space and wish to fulfil the storage requirements in less space.


Once the size of the desk is confirmed, the next thing to consider is the shape of the desk. The desks come in various shapes, but the beginning of choosing the correct shape of the desk should be done after identifying various office requirements. Few general types of shapes are:

  • Single Surface Reception Desk: These types of desks have one common surface on which the receptionist and the customer can write and fill forms. These are generally found in an L-shaped setting or a curved façade. These desks are mostly used by restaurants and hospitals.
  • L-Shaped Reception Desk: The L-shaped desk fits nicely in the corners of the room. The desks generally utilizes very less area but provides enough space for easy completion and functioning of tasks.
  • U-Shaped Reception Desk: The U-Shaped desks are generally used where there is a large area to cover and the number of receptionists is less. The desk can be placed at the center of the room against one wall.
  • Circular Reception Desk: The circular reception desks are mostly suitable for very large halls that have multiple entry points. In this case, multiple receptionists can be seated facing the different entry points. The guests, in this case, won’t have to move around much in the room.

So, these are a few things that one must consider before buying a new reception desk. It becomes important you consider these points as these desks decide the look of the reception area, and generate the first impression on your clients and customers.