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How to Incorporate Architectural Millwork into Your Workspace Design

Commercial Millwork

Architectural millwork in NYC defines all workplace designs. Custom millwork introduces personality and conviviality to your Brooklyn interior design, but each element of woodworking must be layered appropriately in order to create the desired effect.

Woodworking companies typically focus on three aspects of architectural millwork in NYC:

Ceiling Millwork

Matching the ceiling with custom molding and custom trimming is one of the most common ceiling details to be found in NYC any commercial woodworking space. Types of ceilings include:

  • Tray ceilings – A recessed middle portion of the ceiling creates space and leaves room for intricate lighting designs.
  • Coffered ceilings – Similar to tray ceilings, the coffered ceiling contains more architectural millwork and the sunken portion is painted a different color.
  • Dropped ceilings – The opposite of tray ceilings; a second ceiling hangs beneath the main ceiling. Also called a suspended ceiling.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are more than just mere storage spaces. In Brooklyn, custom cabinets must reflect, match and enhance the other architectural millwork and interior design elements. Custom cabinets are built to last for years with upkeep and remain stylish for just as long.

Wood Paneling

Custom wood paneling adds touchable textures to any type of NYC office remodeling, renovation or new construction. Dark and light woods can be mixed and matched to convey an appropriate and professional tone and setting. An office would look noticeably less lavish to clients and employees without custom wood paneling.

Find Out More About Brooklyn Office Architectural Millwork

Brooklyn Millwork provides high-quality, premium millwork interior solutions for workplace designs in NYC. Contact Brooklyn Millwork and discuss the many different architectural millwork ideas our woodworking company can bring to your commercial work environment.