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How to Tell When a Custom Interior Door is Needed

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Custom doors are not always optional, especially when doing luxury home or business remodeling and renovations in Brooklyn. Here is how to tell when a custom interior door is needed for your next NYC woodworking project:

  • The door opening is different from the standard interior door measurements.
  • The door is an unusual shape.
  • The door has arched or rounded openings.

If any of these scenarios applies to you, then you may need custom doors. Brooklyn Millwork provides New York custom interior doors for residential and luxury home construction and remodeling projects. Call (718) 676-0328 today.

Getting a New York Custom Interior Door

Ordering a custom interior door is easy with the right Brooklyn contracting company:

  • Get measurements – The first step is for the Brooklyn contractor to take measurements and discuss available options in-person. If you have a picture of a custom door that you’ve found online, we will take a look at ways we can replicate its look and feel.
  • Get an estimate
  • Manufacturing process
  • Installation

Common Types of Custom Interior Wooden Doors

  • Panel Doors – Typically used for luxury homes, panel doors have square or rectangular patterns varying in size and number (from a single large panel to at least eight small panels). Rounded tops, decorative finishes, and glass inserts are optional amenities for this type of custom interior wooden door.
  • Flush Doors – Flush doors are also used in luxury home remodeling projects that want to capture a classic look. The door is flat and typically costs less than other custom door types.
  • Bifold Doors – Two custom doors connected by hinges that into each other while on a track. These custom doors are especially popular in pantries, laundry rooms, and closets.
  • French Doors – Two doors mounted on opposite sides of the door opening so that they swing outward for a grand entrance.
  • Fire-rated Doors – Most businesses, restaurants, hotels and other similar establishments are required to have fire-rated doors for safety reasons. Fire-rated doors typically come in 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute varieties.

Brooklyn Millwork is NYC’s Choice for Custom Wooden Doors

Brooklyn Millwork is the Brooklyn contractor for your next luxury home or business construction or remodeling project. Call (718) 676-0328 today and discuss all of the possible custom interior millwork options for your home or business.