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Upscale New York Custom Interior Millwork Ideas and Options

Commercial Millwork

Virtually every upscale home or business in New York incorporates custom interior millwork to some degree. These popular New York custom interior millwork ideas, brought to you by the expert woodworkers at Brooklyn Millwork, will make the best first impression on guests, clients and business associates alike.

Popular Types of Wood for New York Custom Interior Millwork Ideas

  • White oak – Hefty, durable and matches with most other types of wood. Heartwood varieties can be a light-to-medium brown hue, and sapwood ranges from almost white to light brown.
  • Walnut – A deep brown hardwood with a heavy grain. This wood type is especially popular for custom-made furniture and veneered millwork.
  • Fir – A beautiful high-flexibility specimen that can be stained light or dark as needed.
  • Birch – A light-red hardwood with medium weight and a fine grain. Very popular for custom-made furniture.
  • Cherry – A deep red-brown wood that is medium in weight and relatively hard. This type of wood is especially popular for custom-made furniture and trim.

Custom Millwork Shelves

Custom shelves can leave a long-lasting impression on customers to ensure repeat business. Independent boutiques, department stores, economy warehouses, pharmacies, electronics stores and other retailers can actually influence the customer to buy an item based on customized shelving alone.

Custom Cabinets & Casework

Custom cabinets and cases can be built to non-standard dimensions, maximizing storage space. Residences have more room for household products and businesses have greater inventory capacities. Custom cabinets and casework are also more durable than standard designs and can withstand repeated use for a long time.

Custom Kitchen Millwork

Custom kitchen cabinets look great, are quite durable, and can help sell a home more quickly (which is why many homeowners install new custom kitchen cabinets before listing their property). A built-in refrigerator cabinet adds architectural depth to a kitchen while concealing the bulky appliance within.

Other Special Custom Millwork Solutions

Other custom millwork solutions include:

  • Reception desks
  • Benches
  • Meeting room tables
  • Locker rooms
  • Seats

These improvements are ideal for office buildings, hotels, country clubs, hospitals, banks, gyms, casinos, and any other structure that must promote professionalism and wealth at all times.

Custom New York Interior Millwork at Brooklyn Millwork

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