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What is Millwork? & Other Common Woodworking FAQs

Commercial Millwork

Millwork Companies

  • “What is millwork” – Millwork is a catchall term for any product or building material used for interior finishing that has been produced by a millwork plant (sawmill). These architectural components can include custom cabinets, casings and baseboards as well as woodworking hardware and many other components.
  • “What are some examples of New York custom interior millwork?” – Wood paneling for walls, wainscoting, and other important elements of interior trim are most common in New York. Custom interior millwork projects may also COMMONLY include custom cabinetry and vanities, especially bathroom cabinet vanities.
  • “What special maintenance is required with custom millwork?” – Maintaining custom millwork does not require much extra care. Try to keep the woodwork away from high humidity levels and in an area that does not experience extreme heat.

3 Reasons to Choose Custom Millwork Companies

Millwork Companies

  • 3 Must-Read Reasons to Choose Custom Millwork Companies
    Custom millwork companies and “commodity” millworker companies both work with wood, but that’s where their similarities end. Only custom millwork companies can produce high-end architectural millwork solutions, and here’s why:
  • Custom Millwork Companies Pay More Attention to Fine Details
    Commodity millwork companies tend to produce the same items over and over again in bulk quantities. As such, the woodworking contractor is working as fast as possible (often with generic tools) and has little time to check for visual consistency and overall quality.
    Custom millwork companies, on the other hand, work at a slower pace, and are able to pay extremely close attention to small details using fine tools, quickly spotting any visual defects along the way.
  • Custom Millwork Companies Have Far Greater Variety
    Commodity millwork companies streamline their options in the interest of producing and distributing mass quantities of near-identical millwork. Custom millwork companies, on the other hand, have more species of wood to choose from, and a far greater number of profiles to work with.
  • Custom Millwork Companies Establish Personal Relationships
    Custom millwork companies will take extra time to listen to the client’s needs and make sure the final product comes out exactly as described. The client’s every request is painstakingly evident within the framework of custom-made millwork. These types of high-end architectural millwork solutions are often not possible with commodity millwork companies because they are in too much of a hurry to get to the next project.
  • Custom Millwork Companies Like Brooklyn Millwork Care More
    You want your residence or place of business to make the very best impression possible, and only custom millwork companies like Brooklyn Millwork are able to deliver high-end architectural millwork solutions of this caliber. Commodity millwork companies are faster and cheaper, but after viewing our portfolio, we are sure that you’ll find the competition to be lacking.
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