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What is the Cost of Custom Cabinets in NYC?

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What is the Cost of Custom Cabinets in NYC?

The cost of custom cabinets in NYC largely depends on many different factors, the most important of which is how the millwork company makes an estimate. A woodworking contractor may include empty spaces meant for other appliances (not custom cabinetry) when measuring Linear feet, driving up the estimate.

Other ways to figure out how much custom cabinets cost is to determine the goals and functions of your custom cabinets. For example, if you have guests over often, glass-front cabinets with built-in lights can show off chinaware and other decorations. Pull-out spice racks are great for cooking, and a tablet mount lets you watch your mobile device like a wall-mounted television while you prepare ingredients.

Why Custom Cabinets in NYC Are Popular

Many times, custom cabinets in NYC arise out of necessity. For example, custom cabinetry in NYC makes the most out of available apartment storage and it is often needed to match the unique, non-standard-measurement architecture. Custom cabinets also easier to keep clean because custom cabinets fit the exact dimensions of a space, leaving no gaps to gather dust and grime.

So, with all that said . . .

How Much Do Custom Kitchen Cabinets Cost in NYC?

The kitchen area tends to have the most cabinets anywhere in a home or corporate business. Custom kitchen cabinets tend to have the most features as well, so custom kitchen cabinets can vary greatly in price.

How Much Do Custom Garage Cabinets Cost in NYC?

Just like anywhere else in the home or business, custom garage cabinets can vary greatly in price. Garages tend to be very dark, so custom garage cabinets with special lighting are very popular (an additional expense consideration).

How to Determine the Cost of Custom Cabinets in NYC

First and foremost, the room’s function does not determine the cost of custom cabinets so much as its size. Other factors include:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Installation
  • Molding & trim
  • Removal of old cabinets if necessary
  • Finished ends and other special touchups

Let Brooklyn Millwork Determine the Cost of Custom Cabinets for You

Brooklyn Millwork can provide a fair estimate for your home or business woodworking needs. Give us a call at (718) 676-0328 and let a professional woodworking contractor determine the cost of custom cabinets in NYC.