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What Makes Custom Cabinets and Millwork Better?

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When you own a high-end home or business in Brooklyn, custom millwork will convey an appropriate atmosphere of your choosing. This is undoubtedly the main reason for most custom millwork in New York. However, there are plenty of non-cosmetic reasons why custom cabinets and other types of millwork are far better than their factory-produced counterparts.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets, unlike standard cabinet designs, can be built to perfectly accommodate very specific dimensions. Standard cabinets are not built-to-measure and have to use filler strips to cover any gaps. These filler strips must match the natural grain of the wood to a tee or else they will look unsightly.

Adhesives, screws, or bolts must be used to install filler strips. This leaves room for additional errors and complications. Even when filler strips are successful, it still results in the loss of some storage space.

Visual flair and storage space aside, custom cabinets are structurally superior to standard cabinets in every way. Millwork contractors will handpick the solid wood inventory to make sure the highest quality materials are selected for the final product. Mass producers will not check for defects as closely as custom millwork contractors do before, during, and after the finished product is ready for installation.

Custom Doors

Trying to find appropriate stock doors can be very difficult. Stock doors have a very limited variety of molding and panel options, which automatically makes matching them with appliances very hard. Finding the right design can be difficult, and since stock doors are made in 2-inch increments, finding the right measurement can be even harder.

Many people will unintentionally delay a project looking for a good stock door design. Then they will waste more time and money modifying stock doors to the correct height. Getting a custom door built to the right specifications will often save time and money in the end, especially if you are working with a lot of custom architecture that has non-standard dimensions.

Custom Wainscoting

High-end custom wainscoting is typically done in a single piece for maximum quality and durability. One-piece wainscoting creates stunning high-end profiles with especially crisp corners. Aside from being more durable and easier to install, there are also no stile or rail joints to crack the paint by expanding or contracting with the change of seasons.

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