331 Park Avenue South

331 PAS Co-working & Office Spaces

331 PAS Co-working and Office Spaces offer highly designed and furnished office spaces to meet customers' flexible short and long-term needs, prioritizing convenience and affordability.
New York, NY
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The team did an amazing job transforming the building into one of the best co-working spaces in Manhattan. Thank you!

331 PAS Co-working & Office Spaces

331 Park Avenue South Project

For the 331 PAS project, Brooklyn Millwork played a pivotal role in providing an exceptional turnkey solution. Our mastery extended to every aspect of the project, from floors, walls, and ceilings to custom-built furniture and amenity space decorations. The craftsmanship of our experts shone through in tasks ranging from CNC Panels/Wall Panels to the intricate details of Corian Tops and Custom Metal work.

Craftsmanship Highlights

Brooklyn Millwork demonstrated our expertise in various elements, including CNC Panels/Wall Panels, Custom Furniture, Custom Screen Wall, Veneer, Aluminum Structure, Corian Tops, Acoustical Panels, Custom Metal, Aluminum Inserts, Tables, Built-ins, and Custom Reception Panels. Each task was approached with precision and dedication, resulting in a seamless integration of design elements.

Prime Location in Manhattan

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, New York, at 331 Park Ave South, our 12-story building stands as a testament to unique design and style. Each floor boasts its own distinctive aesthetic, making it an ideal space for offices, co-working, meetings, and various business activities. The central location in Manhattan adds to the project's appeal, offering convenience and accessibility for diverse purposes.

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