Caroll Gardens

Caroll Gardens

From zero to hero in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY, this project was designed by the renowned Stewart-Schafer design agency. Explore their incredible work at Stewart-Schafer. Materializing the project was no easy feat, but Brooklyn Millwork made it a reality.
Brooklyn, NY
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The team did amazing work transforming an abandoned, destructed place into a luxury real estate masterpiece.

Caroll Gardens

Masterpiece Unveiled in Carroll Gardens

In the heart of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY, witness a testament to Brooklyn Millwork's excellence in woodwork, renovation, and construction.

Partnering with the esteemed Stewart-Schafer design agency, our team brings to life their visionary project, featured in Brownstoner Magazine.

Diverse Expertise on Display

Explore our diverse expertise, from CNC and Wall Panels to Custom Furniture, Veneer, Aluminum Structure, Corian Top, and Acoustical Panels.

Sophistication in Living Spaces

Experience sophisticated living spaces with Custom Recessed Panel Kitchen Pantry, Solid Walnut Island Tables, Built-In Media Units, and a striking Floating Stair with Oak Treads.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence extends to every detail, from Meeting and Living Rooms to Woodworking, Millwork, Steelwork, Finishing, and exceptional Floors.

Craftsmanship in Kitchen and Bath Areas

Discover meticulously crafted Custom Cabinets, Kitchens, Lobby, Amenities, Aluminum Inserts, and Custom Screen Walls in the kitchen and bath areas.

Harmonious Blend of Innovation

Witness the harmonious blend of innovation and timeless design with Custom Built-Ins throughout, contributing to the project's overall aesthetic.

Attention to Detail in Every Element

From Upholstery to Aluminum Inserts, every element reflects our dedication to quality in both commercial and residential projects.

A Complete Transformation in Carroll Gardens

This project is not just a renovation; it's a complete transformation, setting new standards for modern living in Carroll Gardens.

Brooklyn Millwork's Signature Standards

Explore the seamless integration of Brooklyn Millwork's Woodwork, Millwork, Renovation, Remodeling, Construction, and Finishing in this remarkable endeavor.

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