Pebble Bar

Pebble Bar

Pebble Bar is the new bar in the heart of New York City housed in a legendary and historic four-floor townhouse on the corner of 6th Ave. and 49th St.
New York, NY
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Brooklyn Millwork transformed Pebble Bar into a true masterpiece, seamlessly blending craftsmanship, innovation, and sophistication into every detail.

Pebble Bar

Crafting Vibes at Pebble Bar: A Millwork Marvel

From blueprints to bustling vibes – we've brought the vision to life at Pebble Bar, 67 W. 49th Street, New York, NY! Being the wizards behind the scenes, Brooklyn Millwork is thrilled to have played a part in the creation of this now-iconic spot.

Iconic Recognition: Pebble Bar in the Limelight

Recognized by Bloomberg, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and more, Pebble Bar has become a top spot in NY. We're not saying it's because of us, but we're "not not" saying that either!

Pebble Bar's Three-Floor Extravaganza: A Millwork Showcase

Pebble Bar isn't just a place; it's a three-floor experience! The first floor is the warm welcome, the second floor is where the magic happens for the spontaneous souls, and the third floor is all about reservations and that intimate, lively ambiance.

The Dream Team's NYC Touch: A Millwork Collaboration

Launched in February 2022 by the dream team of Matt Kliegman, Carlos Quirarte, Matthew Charles, Noah Bernamoff, and Julian Brizzi, Pebble Bar embodies the spirit of Hurley's with a touch of NYC flair. And guess what? It's a celeb magnet – because nothing says success like catching the eye of the rich and famous!

Brooklyn Millwork: Beyond Construction – Making Dreams Reality

Here at Brooklyn Millwork, we're not just about millwork, woodwork, and construction; we're about making dreams a reality. Cheers to Pebble Bar – a project we're proud to have our fingerprints all over!

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