Plaza Street Residence

20 Plaza Street Residence

The client, who prefers to remain private, is a resident of this home and finds joy in spending time in the apartment, particularly in the kitchen. This project focuses on residential woodwork and millwork, creating a comfortable and welcoming living space for the client and their family.
Brooklyn, NY
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The team did an excellent job! Our family is thoroughly enjoying our cozy and well-crafted home.

20 Plaza Street Residence

Residential Millwork Masterpiece at 20 Plaza Street

Crafting a dream kitchen from scratch at 20 Plaza Street, Brooklyn, New York, our team showcased residential millwork and woodworking expertise. From tables, chairs, and cabinets to unique wood patterns on floors and ceilings, each detail reflects artisanal care. This project, blending modern luxury with timeless coziness, exemplifies our commitment to versatile and sophisticated residential spaces.

Artisanal Detail: Woodworking Craftsmanship

Our artisans poured love into every inch, processing each piece of wood with care and creating intricate patterns on floors, ceilings, and baseboards. The result is woodworking craftsmanship that shines, fusing the precision of modern machinery with the artistry of skilled craftsmen.

Versatility in Complexity: Tailoring Woodwork to Vision

Equipped to handle projects of any complexity, our team seamlessly blends versatility and sophistication. From crafting tables, chairs, and cabinets to intricate patterns, our residential millwork expertise brings diverse visions to life.

Cozy, Convenient, Luxurious: Modern Style Embodied

The unique combination of cutting-edge machinery and craftsmanship results in a kitchen that exudes coziness, convenience, and luxury. Reflecting modern style, this residential millwork project creates spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Culmination of Passion: Showcasing Our Work Proudly

This project showcases our passion for beautiful kitchens, residential millwork, and woodworking. Meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the blend of modern luxury with timeless coziness make this kitchen a true residential masterpiece.

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