VU Condominiums

VU Condominiums

Nestled at 368 Third Avenue, Kips Bay, New York, NY 10016, VU Condominiums redefine luxury living. More than a tower, it's a lifestyle. With condos, a fully-equipped gym, and myriad amenities, it offers an unparalleled living experience.
New York, NY
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Brooklyn Millwork's transformative journey with VU Condominiums at 368 3rd Avenue, NY, stands as a pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation, redefining luxury living with custom woodwork, elegant floor designs, and meticulous attention to every detail, from CNC panels to veneer accents, showcasing a passion for creating extraordinary living spaces beyond the blueprint.

VU Condominiums

Introducing VU: A Towering Achievement by Brooklyn Millwork!

In the heart of Manhattan, where NoMad, Flatiron, Gramercy, and Kips Bay converge, stands the monumental achievement of Brooklyn Millwork – the splendid VU Condominiums at 368 3rd Avenue, NY. As artisans of woodwork, renovation, and construction, our team embarked on a journey to transform VU into more than just a building; we aimed to create a lifestyle, an experience.

Luxury Living with Custom Woodwork

The interiors of VU reflect the meticulous craftsmanship of Brooklyn Millwork. From custom cabinets and kitchens to lobby amenities and built-ins, every detail was a testament to our commitment to excellence. The warmth of wood, expertly crafted by our team, welcomes residents into a space where luxury meets functionality.

Elegance in Every Floor

With a keen eye for design and functionality, we adorned each floor with precision. CNC panels, wooden panels, and custom metal elements seamlessly integrated into the structure, providing not just aesthetic appeal but also enhancing the overall ambiance of VU.

Unveiling the Grandeur

The lobby, a space of grandeur, showcases our expertise in woodwork and finishing. From the elevator lobby to the meeting room, custom furniture and screen walls became focal points, offering a unique blend of sophistication and functionality.

Veneer and Aluminum Accents

The choice of veneer and aluminum inserts throughout VU added a touch of modernity to the classic elegance of wood. These accents, carefully curated and executed, elevated the aesthetic appeal of each space, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Reception Desk and Panel Excellence

As you step into VU, the reception desk and custom reception panel make a lasting impression. Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, these elements not only serve their functional purpose but stand as artistic expressions of our commitment to perfection.

Beyond the Blueprint

Brooklyn Millwork took on the challenge of bringing the architect's vision to life, surpassing expectations. From music studios to acoustical panels, tables, and poker rooms, our team embraced every aspect of the project, turning design dreams into reality.

In conclusion, our journey with VU Condominiums goes beyond construction; it's a testament to Brooklyn Millwork's dedication to transforming spaces into masterpieces. We invite you to explore the beauty of VU – where each element, from custom cabinets to intricate veneer details, tells a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and a passion for creating extraordinary living spaces.

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